Concrete Solutions

  • Fibermesh® The legendary brand with e3® technology. Toss in the Ready-Mix for even distribution and uniform, crack-preventing reinforcement.
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  • Novomesh® An internal concrete support system with improved mechanical bonding that reduces cracks over structural support beams and improves durability.
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  • Novocon® Improves flexural toughness, fatigue and shear strength, crack control and impact resistance in the most demanding environments.
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  • Fibercast® Ideal for Precast Applications, Fibercast distributes evenly in the concrete to create a network of support thru the form that eliminates the need for steel secondary reinforcement.
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  • ENDURO® Offering a more cohesive Shotcrete mix, Enduro® improves safety, encourages faster build-up, with less rebound and waste.
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Make sure it's True Fibermesh®

Reinforcing value, reliability and concrete performance. Reinforcing your reputation.

We are the fiber experts. More than a quarter century ago, we created the category of synthetic fibers for reinforced concrete,with Fibermesh® fibers. TRUE Fibermesh® set the standard for performance value and reliability – and still does today.

We offer a complete line of fiber solutions – Fibermesh® and Fibercast® microsynthetic fibers, ENDURO® macrosynthetic fibers, NOVOMESH® blended fibers and NOVOCON® steel fibers – each of which reinforce concrete and build a stronger ready mix and precast industry. As the worldwide leader in fiber reinforcement solutions, our fibers ensure performance, increase value and reduce risk.


Microsynthetic Fibers

Fibermesh® and Fibercast® microsynthetic fibers address early cracking in the plastic state, when most needed.

macrosynthetic fiber reinforcement

Macrosynthetic Fibers

ENDURO® and Fibermesh® patented technology and unique design increases durability and performance.


Steel Fibers

The Novocon® line of steel fibers enhance concrete in the hardened state and provide increased energy absorption capability.


Blended Fibers

Microsynthetic fibers are combined with either macrosynthetic or steel fibers to create the Novomesh® family of products.