Building Products

  • Opus® Roof Blanket Protects the Roof & The Roofer. Provides a 2nd layer of roof protection against moisture, leaks, wind, UV and heat as well as the Industry's best walking traction for roofer safety.
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  • NapaWrap™ HouseWrap NapaWrap Coastal HouseWrap keeps moisture out while allowing moisture vapor to escape. Superior UV- and tear-resistance are hallmarks of NapaWrap Coastal's durability.
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Material Intelligence for Innovative Products.

Highly engineered materials that create new and innovative product categories for residential and commercial construction.

Our broad ranges of highly engineered materials are catalysts for new product ideas. From a our unique third category of roofing underlayment to our residential house wrap, superior UV- and tear-resistance are hallmarks of Propex building products durability.

Opus Roof Blanket

Opus® Roof Blanket

A new category of steep-slope roofing underlayment. Utilizing “Blanket Technology,” it out performs both felt and plastic sheeting underlayments and for durability, moisture protection and superior walking traction.


NapaWrap™ HouseWrap

Designed to hang tough in severe weather and keep moisture out of the home. Featuring the industry’s best UV protection and tear-free guarantee.