20 Jul. 2010

Rhode Island Roofer Uses Opus™ Roof Blanket for Roof Protection with Coming Storm Season

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (July 20, 2010) Martin Ferguson, owner of family-run Ferguson Carpentry & Roofing is always looking for ways to make his roofing jobs better and more resistant to the elements. He has discovered a brand new category of roofing underlayment called Opus Roof Blanket, which gives him great coverage and adds an extra layer of protection to ward off moisture and leaks with the coming storm season. For most of his roofing jobs, he uses fiberglass asphalt or architectural 50-year shingles, which he strongly recommends.

With the National Weather Service predicting an “active to extremely active” hurricane season, with a possible 14 to 23 named storms (and eight to 14 of them hurricanes), proactive roof protection is a must for Ferguson Carpentry & Roofing, which serves Connecticut and Rhode Island.

The impending damage to roofs that lose their shingles in a storm is not lost on Ferguson, who says that there are large roofing firms out there who lay shingle directly on the wood sheathing, with no layers of protection. “That is asking for leaks,” he said, noting that in 25 years he’s never had a leak complaint in an area known for fierce weather. “I was pleased to find that Opus offers the needed blanket protection for both me and my customers.”

Compared to other underlayments, such as plastic sheeting and felt paper, he also prefers Opus because it lays flatter and has a more rigid feel. “It’s not going to flop around and it holds extremely well to fasteners,” he said. It also feels secure underfoot on a sloped roof, which Ferguson said is very important to safety. “In cases where I’ve had to use felt paper because the builder bought it cheap, I find it shrinks in direct sun and that causes it to detach from the fasteners,” he said. “You really don’t feel good walking on felt and if the roof leaks, the oily, dirty water comes through. Still, if you have to use it, it’s better than nothing when you consider roofers who have no underlayment at all. With Opus, I like the fact that if the shingles blow off during a Nor’easter or hurricane, you still have the moisture barrier and don’t have to worry.”

Ferguson said he depends on referrals in his region and that his attention to detail and sound roofing installations has led to more business and repeat customers. He often ends up repairing the roofs installed with no underlayment that ultimately leaked, bringing many loyal customers to his business.

He noted that Opus is also more durable and pointed to the tear-free guarantee. “You really cannot tear it like felt paper and it’s so lightweight, it’s nothing to carry it up a ladder.” Ferguson also likes the UV resistance and 30/30 warranty, which says that Opus may remain uncovered for 30 months and is then covered by 30 year warranty after the roofing materials are applied. “I will be testing that out on my own house,” he added.

Ferguson, as someone who cares about doing a quality roofing job, said his goal is always to create a long-lasting roof for his customers. “I want the roof to last for the life of the home with as little maintenance as possible for the homeowner.”

About Ferguson Carpentry & Roofing:
The company operates in Connecticut and Rhode Island, specializing in carpentry, roofing, leak repairs, gutter and cleanout and wind damage. For more information, call 401-596-4935.

About Opus Roof Blanket:
Opus Roof Blanket is a new category of roofing underlayment that can be used in place of felt paper and plastic sheeting underlayment under all types of steep-slope roofing materials. These benefits and more make Opus Roof Blanket the ideal solution for builders, roofing contractors and professional installers.

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